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Whitefurze G28WC 7L Watering Can - Red

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SKU S069868625
WATERING CAN: The best time of day to water a garden is in the morning, since that gives the plants time to dry off before nightfall. Watering your garden at the right time and using the right method will keep your plants healthy. Fine Garden Watering Can is perfect for watering plants
UNIQUENESS: Wraparound Handle Design, feels you so comfortable. The use of the Hand on the top of Watering Can for Indoor Plants, be carried in the middle of the hand. Water Flowers Do Not Need To Bend.
HELPFUL: This outdoor watering can is used to water plants in more easy way. By the help of this gardening water plant you can wash your plants without creating mess. Long spout to make watering plants easy. Handles to make pouring easy
Multipurpose: This watering can, can be use in watering the plants and also a great decorative material as hanging baskets and also vegetable plots. This product can be used for both Indoor and Outdoor plants and seeds.
Modern and stylish can
Complete with detachable sprinkler rose to control water flow
Wrap around handle for easy to pour use
Size of All Can: 
Measures 32 cm length by 18 cm width by 50 cm height : 7L Watering Can