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Garden Netting Versatile Fine Mesh for Outdoor Plants Bird Protection 4m x 10m

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GARDEN NETTING: Complete your garden kit with this must-have. Gardening netting is a genuine item to protect your fruits and plants. Durable and resistant, the net is reusable and can be cut according to your needs. Available in different lengths 4m x 10m per unit and 2m x 10m per unit, it will keep your seeding safe - 2cm x 2cm mesh of the net.

WIDE USAGE MESH: From keeping small animals like squirrels, rabbits, or pigeons to feed on your seeds to redirect the growth of your plants and supporting climbing plants. This net protection can be used in various ways and areas: in the garden, farmland or even for home planting.

LIGHTWEIGHT BIRD NETTING FOR PLANTS: Versatile, lightweight, and durable, the outdoor netting is thick enough to don't tear easily, yet manageable and flexible. Made of nylon, it can survive the wear and tear of use out in the elements. It functionally protects your grass seeds and fruit plants.

SAFE NET PROTECTION: None would want any animals eating their grain when you have spent lots of time taking care of your plants. Protect your plants (strawberry, carrots, peas) and seeds from small terrestrial animals and birds from eating or digging into your grass—no more disappointment when collecting the fruits. Be sure the netting is tight enough so that smaller animals cannot get underneath and be caught inside. Straame netting mesh is an excellent repel without being toxic for either the wildlife or your garden.

POND NETTING MESH: Heavy-duty in performance, the highly versatile net not only can be laid directly over your bushes and grass, but it can also be used to protect the ponds in your land. Keep them clean from leaves and unwanted animals.

Are you giving gardening a try this year? Whether you are an amateur or a pro in the field, you must be tired of little furry animals and birds feeding on your seeds and fruit. Fear no more! Keep away pigeons, foxes, rabbits, and other wildlife with Straame protective garden netting to cover ground plant pots and grass seeds. The garden mesh is entirely safe for animals; keep them away with no harm. Say no to chemical and toxic products such as pesticides and insecticides that can harm both the wildlife and your plants.

With a great range of applications, it is a protective cover for you seeding and plant pots: strawberry, pots, cherry, tomato, blueberry plant, and all type of fruit plants and trees.

The green colour of the netting will perfectly blend with your garden, tricking your sight for a smooth optical illusion. Made of Nylon, a trustworthy material, the net can withstand any extreme weather, letting the sun and water go through the mesh net for your plants' survival. The safety net is the last tool to complete your gardening set and take your gardening hobby to the next level.

Available in different dimensions (4m x 10m per unit and 2m x 10m per unit) and different pack quantities (1, 2 or 3), you will now be able to choose the size and pack that suits you better. The box dimension is 12cm x 8cm x 2cm.