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Simply 4 Pets Cooling gel Pet Mat 60cm x 44cm

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SKU DGI-0546

The cooling pet mat is designed to give your pet a cool and refreshing sensation during the summer or anytime your pet may need to cool down, the pet cooling mat is ideal for pets with heat stroke , skin conditions, allergies or post-surgery.
It is perfect to stop your pet overheating as it automatically cools down when your pet sits on it, the mat measures approximately 60cm x 44cm allowing you to place the mat under most pet beds and baskets.
The pet cooling pad does not use electricity, water and is non-toxic to your pets. The mat can be frozen to help speed up the recharging process of the cooling gel, although this cooling mat is designed for pets it can be used in other situations around the home such as an overheating laptop can be placed on the mat to help with extra cooling.


Pet cooling pad
Automatically cools down when your pet sits on it
No electricity, No water, Non-toxic
Ideal for pets with heat stroke, skin conditions or allergies
Can be placed in pet beds and baskets
Measurements: Length: 60cm Width: 44cm
Package Content: 1 x Cooling Pet Mat