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Milestone Double Flocked Inflatable Air Bed

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PLEASE NOTE: AIR BEDS & PUMPS ARE SOLD SEPARATELY Inflatable Air Beds These waterproof flocked inflatable air beds are ideal for camping, making up guest rooms and sleepovers, the air beds are very easily inflated and deflated and can be used both inside and outdoors. Folds away easily for storage and travel, and is available in 2 sizes which include single and double bed. Features: Inflatable air bed Waterproof flocked top Super safety valve helps rapid inflation and deflation Folds easily for storage and travel Can be used for both indoor and outdoor Available in 2 sizes single and double) Measurements Single Length: 191cm Width: 73cm Thickness: 22cm Weight: 1.54kg Double Length: 191cm Width: 137cm Thickness: 22cm Weight: 3.01kg Package Content 1 x Waterproof Flocked Inflatable Air Bed PLEASE NOTE: AIR BEDS & PUMPS ARE SOLD SEPARATELY Inflate/Deflate Air Pumps These air pumps are extremely lightweight and can be packed away for travelling very easily, they can be used to inflate and deflate airbeds, blow up chairs and other inflatable toys. The air pumps are ideal for camping, fishing and festivals and allow you to easily blow up an air bed for a comfortable night sleep. Features: Available in 2 styles (Foot Pump/Electric Pump) Both pumps have an inflate and deflate function Used to inflate inflatable chairs, beds and other inflatables Both pumps come with 3 different nozzle attachments Package Content Foot Pump 1 x 5 Litre Foot Pump 1 x Nozzle Hose 3 x Nozzles Attachments Electric Pump 1 x Mains Powered Electric Pump 3 x Nozzle Attachments